Friday, December 24, 2010

(Truly) Last Minute Gift Ideas!

I've been hearing radio commercials urgently shouting about "last minute gift ideas" since at least mid-November. Pfft. But now, finally, the last minute is truly upon us, so as a public service I offer Teacher Tom's last minute gift ideas for children, most of which won't even require a trip to a mall.

Mesh produce bags.

Things that rot.

A place to leave things to rot . . .

. . . and worms to live there.


An old typewriter.








Boxes and balls.

Nuts, bolts, wrenches and screwdrivers . . .

. . . rubber bands . . .

. . . and put them all together.

Glue guns.


Dolls . . .

. . . who need bandages.



Water, gutters, tubes and shovels.



Step ladders . . .

. . . and homemade ladders.

Tree parts.




Junk . . .

 . . . and jewels.

Merry Christmas!

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Juliet Robertson said...

Last minute gifts? I think yours get well used all year round! Can I add in a few tyres and a tarp and a some stretchy hamster tubes?

Barbara Zaborowski said...

And their own paper, handy and available, not something they have to ask for.

Play for Life said...

I'll take 1 mesh produce bag, a bunch of sticks, some of those nice rocks you've got there - the coloured ones please and ... hmmm ... let's see ... oh yes, those plants look good! I'll take them also thanks. (You can keep the things that rot.)
:) You have a great day Tom, however you choose to celebrate it.
Donna :) :)

Barbara Zaborowski said...

I'll take the things that rot, please. (Oh, I guess they're everywhere, aren't they?)

Let the Children Play said...

Perfect Tom!

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

I love the pic of the yarn playing. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

An item on my son's list for at least two years when he was younger...........a large appliance box. Love the gift ideas and a few I wouldn't mind receiving myself. Happy Festivities Teacher Tom and thank you so much for the gifts you bring to the little people at your school and those of us who love your blog.

Deborah said...

Merry Christmas Tom - Love the rotting pumpkin! It just something I have always wanted:)

Leigh @ Toasted said...


Reading this post makes me realise how much influence you have in our house; for christmas, my kids got some 'tree cakes' and a big pile of different coloured masking tape.

My more extended family thought we were a bit mad. And yet, the kids haven't fought over these things like they have mangled each other over the plastic crap toys they got!

Cheers to you.

Anonymous said...

Teacher Tom I just found your blog and I am inspired by your passion and love for children. I'll visit often! I just LOVE the pictures you post.

Scott said...

I missed a few posts through the holidays and just read this. I just wanted to say: YES!

Kami said...

Hear hear!