Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looking Very Closely And Concentrating Very Hard

They say it's a world of hard logic until you start peering at the universe from a quantum level, then all bets are off. But maybe it's not only the physicists with their electron microscopes and particle accelerators, not only life in the subatomic world. Maybe it's just that whenever you look very, very carefully at something that really interests you, and concentrate on it for a long time, you begin to see that  everything finally defies Newtonian logic.

Drop to your knees and pick things up, figure out what they are, bend down even farther, look very closely.

You've never seen anything like this before. Dinosaurs co-existing with elves while babies rock in their cribs and empty wheelbarrows dump their phantom loads.

It's about looking closely in those places where giant bunnies and mermaids and turtles and front loaders swim together in a box of wood.

If you weren't right there seeing it with your own eyes, touching it with your own fingers, smelling it with your own nose, you would scoff and say, "That's just pretend."

But you know this surreal place exists and you're a part of it: a godlike figure even, but far from supreme: both a creator and a wondering admirer of this strangeness at your feet. 

You really have to be willing to bend your back, to get down into it, or you'll miss entirely the city that has either grown there overnight or perhaps has always been there waiting for someone like you to look closely enough to discover it.

You've seen it with your own two eyes, touched it with your own fingers, smelled, heard and even perhaps tasted this place you've found by getting down close, by narrowing your eyes, pricking up your ears, blocking out the swirl of the big, dull, but noisy world where everything supposedly works by a predictable, mechanistic sequence of cause and effect.

But you know that's not all there is. 

You know it's infinitely more strange and awesome than they would have you believe.

It's something you know without needing further proof because you've gone outside, looked very closely, and concentrated very hard.

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Shelly said...

Love this one! I was watching B setting up all of those figurines in the planter box on Monday, too. That's totally what Little World is all about.