Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Tape Machine's 2010-2011 Debut

The tape machine made it's debut in the 3-5's class yesterday, featuring 5 rolls of 1/2" colored masking tape. It's a new product from Discount School Supply, less expensive than the traditional 1" and 3/4" inch, which is a big deal given the amount of tape we go through in a typical school year. If you don't know what I'm talking about click here and read from the bottom up.

This was sort of a training camp for the upcoming taping season, with many of the younger children having their first taste of "The Show."

The veterans started slowly, carefully cutting short pieces to stick on the sheet of butcher paper I'd hung on our wall easels, Charlie L. proudly using it to form letters like his signature letter "L." They then moved on to decorating a few of the other classroom surfaces.

But then they got busy wrapping themselves.

This guy, who chose to keep his rain coat on all day, is modeling this season's home uniform, complete, apparently, with cod piece.

This fellow started with a nifty belt . . .

. . . that got a little out of control, becoming a sort of straight jacket. There was a moment of panic as he realized he no longer had use for his arms, especially when he found himself on the floor, with no way to push himself back into a standing position.

But he didn't want the help we offered and after several minutes of Great Houdini-like struggle, he freed himself.

He then collected his tape into a kind of wad and carefully wrapped the door knob. We went through 5 of the 20 rolls of tape I'd purchased to start the year. I see great things in our future.

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Unknown said...

FUN! Just a couple of hours ago my 3-year-old was having the time of his life sticky-taping stuff including himself. We only had the transparent kind though not as much fun as you had today.

Barbara Zaborowski said...

I always tell my parents that "waste" is an adult concept. The kids are learning the whole time adults are standing over them clucking at the "waste."

Scott said...

It looks like your school's "tape legacy" will continue, safe in the hands of this year's class. Can't wait to see what else they will do with it.

Shelly said...

Even though I had so much fun at the sensory table yesterday, this post made me want to have worked with the kids at the tape machine so bad! Laughing so much at this post! Especially L's straight jacket. Awesome.

Let the Children Play said...

Tom, I love the way you write. And so happy the tape machine has lived on to play another year. I hope those trainees are aware that they are a part of a global tape-off. Big shoes to fill.

Play for Life said...

I saw those rolls of beautiful coloured tape in one of Scotts' posts but i can't find it through our regular suppliers here in Melbourne ... just boring old white! Our children have not been a part of your international tape off but I have follow it. Jenny is right ... BIG shoes to fill! hee hee hee!
Donna :) :)

DSS Blog Team said...

Teacher Tom, thank you once again for a fantastic post! We're over here chuckling at the sheer wonder and fun of the tape machine! Thanks so much for the mention and link to Discount School Supply, too.
-Laurel from Discount School Supply