Saturday, October 09, 2010

No One Told Us We Are Only Two

No one told us we are only two,
That playing parallel is the best of us,
And we cannot really see each other,
Even through a clear glass window.

No one told us we are only two,
And that we must look through one another,
But we found this mirror 
And I see a delightful reflection of me in you.

No one told us we are only two,
And held unable to share our toys
And space, and passions, and joys
Until sufficient time passes for the clockworks of biology to operate upon us.

No one told us we are only two,
When I found you in this mirror,
A playmate, a partner, a face in which to reflect myself,
And learn the most important things there are to know.

No one told us we are only two
Incapable of patiently waiting for a friend
To join me in this place where we play together,
Eye-to-eye and face-to-face.

No one told us we are only two
So we went ahead and found ourselves together,
Through this old storm window,
Through this looking glass of us.

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Jen Widrig said...

This is really lovely, Tom.

Unknown said...

This made me smile! Love it so much.

Deborah said...

This is so awesome Tom!

Anonymous said...

So sweet and so true for many at school. I love what they are working on. Is it Plexiglas in a frame?

I always inspired by picture of your school.

Teacher Tom said...

It's really just an old storm window I found on the side of the road several years ago, aurore.

I was just so blown away watching how their play developed over there by themselves when they didn't think any of the adults were watching. I just sort of hid the camera and started shooting without even looking at the viewfinder. I didn't want them to be aware they were being watched.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

A sweet reminder about the beauty and nature of a 2 year old. Sometimes we just want so much more from them, when really, they are right where they should be. Through your lens, we can celebrate this, two-isms.

Play for Life said...

Please tell me you wrote this!
Donna :) :)

Unknown said...

Love this... it captures the essence of 'school' at this age. They think they are playing but they are really learning!

Sandra Romo
Innovative Intellects

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Tom ! I'm sitting here with a broad smile and a lump in my throat! Thank You x

Miss Jojo
(Having trouble with my Google account :(

Cheryl Golangco said...

This is wonderful! Especially since these children don't know yet how to play together... it somehow bridges that gap! I love it!

Ms. Erin's HeartRoom said...

lovely. reminds me of 'the hundred'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. I find your blog and your insights truly inspiring.

Please keep up the excellent work :)

Let the Children Play said...

i love this tom