Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Recipes

A couple days ago I shared a few things we've been cooking up with pumpkins during the Halloween season, like painting with them, rolling them down gutters, and counting dinosaur skeletons, but really, I wonder why we aren't serving these versatile squash all year round. They go with anything.

For instance, they're a fantastic way to spice up every day play dough.

And there is nothing like a few mini pumpkins to add that extra "something" to plain old building and balancing.

Hey, they can even make water into a special treat that will have your guests begging for the recipe . . .

. . . especially with just a pinch of eyeballs. That's the secret ingredient.

The kids discovered that they stick to the damp pumpkin surface.

They're delightful al fresco, straight from the vine . . .

. . . or stuffed with baby pumpkins.

Of course, they also can add that little something to your more exotic dishes, like manufacturing patterns . . .

. . . where rolling and lifting helps build strong muscles 5 different ways!

And if you really want to impress your guests, how about trying them out with your giant silver hands?

I'm sure there are other things to do with pumpkins, but we're all out of time for today. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Cooking Up Play With the Children of Woodland Park.

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GianneCurry said...

Did this last week and thought I would share. So much fun!

Play for Life said...

....only at Woodland Park!!! :) :)

Donna :) :)