Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update On Our Diva Espresso Art Show

A little over a month ago, I wrote about our school's art show at our neighborhood Diva Espresso coffee house. They had originally been gracious enough to lend us their walls for a two weeks run, but apparently they've decided they like our work enough to keep it around awhile longer and the show has been extended indefinitely. Not only that, but we've sold 3 pieces!

We sold the canvas on the right in the above picture, which is one of our super-sized marble paintings, and also two of our robot paintings. That's my kind of fundraising!

Located at the corner of Greenwood and 80th NW (7916 Greenwood Ave. N, (206) 881-1213) in Seattle, Diva is a favorite hangout for our Woodland Park families. It's a friendly neighborhood place serving amazing coffee from the small Highland's Coffee Company, an independent roaster also located in North Seattle.

I'm hoping they want to continue the relationship beyond this show because the kids have been working on some new pieces that I think will look incredible at Diva.

For instance, we just finished trying out Jenny's super-sized string painting idea from her inspiring blog Let The Children Play. A gallery owner once told me that tryptychs tend to sell better than stand-alone art, which was perfect because I just removed three plywood shelves from my basement.

Like Jenny, we started by using sponges to paint the background. We chose purple. Then we used string dipped in some leftover silver and gold acrylic craft paint to create the foreground. We were a little more freeform than Jenny's kids, but I think we still turned out some nice artwork.

When I see the panels in this photo, I'm tempted to call
them, from left to right, "Night," "Morning," and "Noon."

I also think the broken tile collage we made this summer would look great at Diva.

This is a pretty good sized piece, measuring 3'X2'. It would
be quite a statement on someone's wall.

And we also have a patented Woodland Park regular old random parts glue collage in process, under which I think any espresso would taste better.

The last time I asked, the kids don't think we're finished yet, but we have already started talking about what color to spray paint the whole thing when we're done. Green, red and gold are currently the leading contenders. I suspect we'll wind up going with all three.

I just love helping the kids make cool stuff. I hope Diva Espresso loves it too. And if you're in the neighborhood, make sure to swing by for a coffee and a cookie.

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Scott said...

The string paintings are great! It seems your community art really has become COMMUNITY art.

I'll bet that random parts collage turns out great in red/green/gold.

Unknown said...

Now this is brilliant fundraising Tom! Love it!

Play for Life said...

They ALL look wonderful Tom! I PROMISE if I'm ever lucky enough to be in your neighborhood I'll definitely drop by for a coffee and a squiz ... maybe I'll even buy one of those terrific pieces of art ... you just NEVER know!
Donna :) :)

Sandy Mitchell said...

Ah, this post brings back many memories...I used to start my mornings at Diva when I lived on Phinney Ave. N above 105th...wonderful art your school produces!