Saturday, September 11, 2010

Giant Silver Hands


When you're really stuck for something special to do at school, it's time to break out a pair of giant, silver hands.

I wish these photos were better, but I was putting a lot of energy into dodging those long appendages as the kids tried them out (and I'm not really much of a photographer to begin with)

I made these four years ago to wear in the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade thinking I would add some parade-scale umph to my alter ego Captain Superhugger who has the superpower of spreading love around the world through his two arms and a heart full of love. (You probably have this superpower as well!)

I originally intended them to go on the arms of a giant back-pack based puppet that was going to use her long arms to reach out and hug the people in the back rows of the parade audience, but before installing them on the puppet I started horsing around with just wearing them myself. I wound up putting handles inside and dumping the whole puppet idea. I quickly discovered, however, that while they made pretty good parade art, they got in the way when it came to doling out hundreds of hugs. I much prefer actually touching the people, so other ensemble members have taken them over.

Being made from cardboard and paper mache, they've taken a beating over the years. I've made lots of repairs, including full-on surgery two years ago to replace and reinforce the handles inside, one of which is now again broken and barely holding on.

Their parading days are done. I've decided to retire them to the preschool as seems to be happening to much of my old parade art. They're still pretty sturdy. If Old Bessie has survived this long, I give these hands at least a couple years of waving, clapping, high-fiving and, of course, giving big silver hugs.

See ya later!

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Play for Life said...

Once again Tom I'm speechless for laughing ... hee hee hee!
Donna :) :)

Juliet Robertson said...

These look so handy and 'armless!

Ms. Erin's HeartRoom said...

this totally made my morning! :)

Shelly said...

My cheeks hurt from smiling and giggling so much that morning when the kids wore these hands!

Let the Children Play said...

Its a bit like "when mardi gras meets preschool" at Woodland Park, isn't it Tom?!