Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Head Shaking Doesn't Count

Nearly four months after a federal judge ordered the current administration to reunite migrant children with their families there are still dozens of children suffering alone, without their parents, in concentration camps and tent cities. Over the weekend, we learned from a former Department of Homeland Security official that the administration never intended to reunite any of the hundreds of children ripped from their parents' arms and locked, literally, in cages. They didn't even keep records.

And then on Sunday, they ordered an attack on legal asylum seekers along the Mexican border, using tear gas, including on very young children, an action that probably violates international law.

The entire world is condemning the actions, and well they should. It is a moral and criminal outrage being committed in the name of all Americans. There is a humanitarian crisis of crime and poverty driving these people to our border. They are coming to this supposedly "Christian nation" begging for our help, and these monsters, and their behavior in our name is monstrous, are responding with kidnapping, imprisonment, and tear gas.

Every decent person should be outraged. The sickest part is that these evil actions are being done for purely political reasons. The monster in charge thinks this is a way to win elections, and to the degree that it works, is the degree to which we the people are to blame. The monster in charge wants his wall of ignorance, and he seems to believe that creating the appearance of chaos at the border, no matter what the human cost, will help him get what he wants. When he was at first confronted by the facts, he lied about the use of tear gas. Then he lied and said it wasn't used on children. Then he lied yet again and said it was a "minor form" of tear gas. His entire administration has lied about the treatment of families and children at our border since the very beginning. And it goes beyond lies: their behavior is criminal.

Future generations will condemn us. They will ask what we did and why we allowed it to happen. Sitting at your computer shaking your head is not enough. Every decent person must speak up. Call and write your representatives, talk to your colleagues, friends and family, show up at protests and rallies. When the story of our era is written, those who remained silent will be included among the evil-doers. Head shaking doesn't count.

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