Monday, January 31, 2011

A Morning At The Ballet

It's nice to get out of the classroom once and awhile to test ourselves out in the bigger world.

We don't normally sit in a circle at school, even though we call it "circle time." 

Some of us dressed up in fancy clothes in honor of the day.

And while we watched the professional dancers rehearsing through the windows, making sure to keep especially quiet, we were really there to explore new ways to move our bodies.

What fun it was to have a wall of mirrors in which to watch ourselves from across the room . . .

. . . or right up close to see what it looks like when we do this . . .

. . . or that.

It's great to go into the world, and even if it's things we've seen and done before . . .

. . . this time we saw and did them together.

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Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! They all look like they are having a blast.
Field trips can be so exciting for little ones.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I really loved this item. My kids enjoy lots of music and dance, just this past week I brought 2 pairs of ballet shoes in, and some girls' swimsuits (as tutus), and we've begun to play at ballet. I now think I might see if there is a dance studio we can visit, to "go out into the world".
Thank you for this Teacher Tom.