Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Golden Oldies (And Airline Update)

Two quick things today . . .

Yesterday, a parent of a couple of our alumni who have outgrown some of their old things swung by at the end of class to donate some very cool toys to the school. I told her that I think of Woodland Park as a great place to "use up" the rest of what's left in old toys.

The same goes for toys from my own childhood, about which I've written before. I stopped being a professional football fan decades ago, but with all the NFL playoff action on TV these past few weeks, I thought it would be time to break out these oldies:

If you don't recognize some of the helmets it's because they've changed so dramatically since I was a boy, although many are still similar. I don't recall how I acquired this set. I must have ordered it from somewhere, but it was intended simply as a collection that you could display on these goal post displays:

By brother and I did, however, invent a game to play with them that involved flicking them at one another with our fingers, but mostly it was all about sorting and organizing, which is what the kids did with them yesterday.


And as a follow up to yesterday's post about our classroom airline, I thought I'd share a picture of our baby airplane:

I know, I thought I always flew on Screaming Baby Airlines, but now I know it could be worse . . . Yes, I am an old fuddy-duddy.

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Barbara Zaborowski said...

Nice to see the babies in clothes. We periodically dress ours and the kids strip the clothes back off.

Lara Bishop said...

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Lara Bishop and I am an education student studying at The University of South Alabama and I will be commenting on a few of your posts for a project. I can so relate to your post because I also had the opportunity to work with preschool aged children for three years. I was a 4-k teacher at a local daycare near me and we did the same things that you mentioned above. We had toy drives and we went to recycle events and bought things by the pounds and used our creativity to make toys and visual tools for learning. By the way I just love your helmets... What a cool collection and I know the children love them as well. When trying to reach preschool age children it's the unique objects that draw their attention to learning and teaching preschool taught me that anything can be used as a teaching tool.
Lara Bishop
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Anonymous said...

This was great treat to me! looked as if the kids were sitting in an airplane!! thanks for sharing this wonderful blog with me!!

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