Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Check Me Out At Offsprung

I've just been asked to be one of the featured bloggers over at the terrific parenting website Offsprung and I posted my first offering this morning. Have a look.

While you're there, have a look around. They bill themselves as an "irreverent, inclusive, alternative parenting community," and I've found that description to be spot on. Our own Woodland Park parent Toby is also featured there, writing under the name TykeGeist. Don't miss her latest about their family vacation to Legoland, which to my mind is the only theme park worth visiting.

We'll return to our regularly scheduled programing tomorrow.

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Deborah Stewart said...

Outstanding article! You know, no one ever accused me of being shy:) In all seriousness though, I hadn't thought about how the term "shy" really can label a child and although I think adults often use the term to excuse a child for not giving a big hug or hello, if a child hears it enough it can serve to only reinforce the behavior. I like how you chose to say, "thoughtful" instead. Really well done Tom!

Thomas said...

I feel so fortunate to be born in the land of LEGO (c), which by the way is Denmark (Copenhagen being the Capital). I had the same experience as you being 10 visiting legoland; today i proudly announce living in the vicinity of the original Legoland giving my children a lot more than my one visit as kid, we bought season-admission this year again, its great to make a visit for some hours from time to time - Hey driving school looks just as you left it (the instructors speak major languages these days!!) same courses as always, including the railway-crossings.To me the little world in legoland, with moving trains, planes and automobiles fascinates me on and on. Lego sold legoland to the ones that owns sea-world some years ago......

Play for Life said...

Wow Tom ... what a great article you wrote ... congratulations!
You know I think we all have a Josephine in our family somewhere ... in my case she's named Elizabeth ... and Victoria ... and his name's Chris ... "thoughtful" (I really like that term) children who have all turned out to be extremely well adjusted young adults full of confidence and social graces! It's so true that we all develop at our own pace in life - physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally!
Donna :) :)

Unknown said...

Great article! It reminds me of a lesson I learned attending a Kid Power workshop for preschool teachers. Here is a similar article about respecting boundaries during the holidays. Kid Power is a great resource for teachers and parents. Enjoy!

Centers and Circle Time said...

I find as a parent it can seem contradictory to a child when we tell them to "hug" relatives they've forgotten since last year but oh don't talk to strangers! Great article!

Teacher Tom said...

@Deborah . . . I was often called "shy" as a child. No one who knew me would have called me that, but I got it all the time from people at church, strangers at grocery stores, or whatever. The label obviously didn't stick to me, but I've talked to dozens of parents who've shared about feeling labeled "shy" and how crippling it can be. Shy is an emotion, not a characteristic. We all feel shy sometimes, but none of us IS shy any more than any of is IS sad.

@Thomas . . . Thank you for connecting with me about Legoland. Legoland is the ONLY good amusement park. I'm so happy that the driving school hasn't changed! I think they had the international languages option, but my parents didn't know how to let the guys in the control tower know so they assumed I was a Danish kid. I KNEW they were calling my number, but I had no idea what they were saying to me. It was a little frustrating!

@Donna . . . Thanks! I have to give my parent educator Dawn credit for the word "thoughtful." She's a Canadian, and I always think of them as being so polite, but she isn't above zinging people!

@CCT . . . Yep, I really hate watching people make their kids hug people.