Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's No Telling What I Might Do (And Tape-Off Update)

Isn't this lovely?

I'm rarely conscious any more of the fact that I'm a grown man who spends large chunks of his life in paint besmirched clothing, with glitter in his beard, and stickers on his butt. Most of my pants have holes in the knees. When I get undressed at night, sand, coffee beans, and other debris form a circle on the floor around my bare feet. When I reach into my pocket for change, I pull out a fistful of marbles, rubber bands, and hair clips along with my pennies, nickels and dimes.

I arrived home yesterday to discover that I had made a deposit at my usual bank branch, shopped at my usual grocery store, bought coffee at my usual coffee shop, walked the dogs, helped a stranger jump start his car, and chatted with the parents of my daughter's classmates while waiting to pick her up after school, all while wearing this delightful piece of jewelry. I was wearing short sleeves.

That I forgot to remove this item that Charlie L. urged me to wear as part of our superhero play (it's my power braclet) isn't all that surprising. That all those people saw it on my wrist, some of whom know me quite well, and didn't say a thing, even sarcastically, has me wondering about how others see me. I mean, it's not the kind of thing you wouldn't notice, right? They thought I was wearing it on purpose! And not as a joke, but as an intentional accessory to my jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble.

What others think about me, I know, is none of my business, but knowing that I can wear something like this without comment, now that I'm over the initial shock, as me wondering what else can I get away with. Maybe I can wear my kilt in public . . .

If I didn't have a teenager to keep me in check, there's no telling what I might do.

International Tape-Off Update

Things have been quiet lately on the International Tape-Off front, that is until Kirstin over at preschool daze "submitted" her last two posts (here and here). In fact, her kids are so far out in front of the rest of us in terms of variety and creativity that I'm tempted to simply concede! (Type "tape" into her search box to see what I mean.)

If you want to get fully up to speed on the "tape-off," click here and read from the bottom up. Let me know if you think your kids have what it takes to compete in this very, very important event.

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"Mrs.Sherry" Bolen said...

the jewelry is exquisite!!! this just cracked me up!! i laughed out loud! female teachers get away with this type of thing often but male teachers... not so much!:)

SurprisedMom said...

All I want to know is if the teenager saw it and said in the voice that only teenagers manage, "D-A-D!"

I think it's a great looking Superhero bracelet. :)

Unknown said...

Very lovely! Only a confident man could pull that look off. :) I have, as well, gone on with my daily errands after work with homemade jewelery on and art supplies strewn across my body. The life of a preschool teacher...unlike any other!

jenny said...

that is hilarious Tom :) I bet you looked really quite fetching.

I once went home after I'd visited the pretend hairdressers, forgetting I had handfuls of little clips all through my hair. I was mortified that noone had said anything, or even appeared to notice.

Deborah Stewart said...

I LOVE Kristen's tape creativity!! It seems like everyother post on my FB wall is something one of you all are doing with tape:) So fun!

LOL on the bracelet - I would have definitely said something about it if I had seen you out and about:)

JavaMama said...

Just happened upon this little gem of a blog.....such a funny story!! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Oh, I love it! I have gone to the store/bank/etc. without knowing I was wearing pasta jewelry around my neck, or a beautiful construction paper dolphin necklace, or some such thing. It's the life of a preschool teacher!

Kat said...

When my daughter was small she loved to play "Pretty Pretty Princess" with Grandpa and dress him in necklaces, earrings, and crowns. I think it's very cool when guys aren't afraid to look a little silly for the kids that love them :)

Unknown said...

That bracelet is SO fabulous Tom. They probably didn't mention it because they were overwhelmed with jealousy :)

You made me laugh out loud tonight. Thank you.

Launa Hall said...

Ha! Good one!

I have walked, driven, and taken the Metro all over town with my neon green SCHOOL VISITOR stickers on my shirt. Sometimes I find them in the laundry.

Cheeseboy said...

I had to laugh when I read your first paragraph because you described my life in a nutshell. Male first grade teacher here and I can't stand glitter... yet it seems like it always ends up in my EYEBROWS! Not cool.

Love the blog. Very cool. I'll be back for another visit.

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Oh man, this was a great laugh!! Especially this line, "That all those people saw it on my wrist, some of whom know me quite well, and didn't say a thing, even sarcastically, has me wondering about how others see me".

This was so funny to read because it strikes a chord in almost every person who has done something silly, and not had a single person clue them in! (One of the many reasons teenagers are so needed.)

Thanks for disclosing a funny moment about yourself today~


kristin said...

okay, you have provided my husband and me with a great morning laugh. oh, i might have to read that story again.

and yes, i sheepishly join the tape-off. : )