Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Cheating Today

I feel a little like I'm cheating today, but with daylight savings time stealing an hour from me this morning and a very full day ahead, I thought I might point you to some posts from the archives that I think are pretty good, but didn't attract a lot of readers back when I was just starting out.

These are all posts about people who have impressed me very much, and in their own ways influenced who I am as a teacher. Three of them are former students and one is an icon.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?  Mister Rogers is my role model, and while no one would mistake me for him, I discuss how I apply what I learned from his television program in my work with young children.  I've included lots of fantastic, thought-provoking quotes from this remarkable man.

A Muddy Puddle Of Morality  On the surface, it appeared that Alex was telling the same story over and over for an entire school year, but upon closer inspection I found that he was really working through some challenging moral questions.

Thinking Inside The Box  Page's drive to follow his desires without breaking the rules is a story of true genius.

There Was A Bad Dream In My Bed  Jarin wrote a beautiful poem that I later learned was actually a work on non-fiction.

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Deborah Stewart said...

LOL! You deserve a day off!

Jason, as himself said...

I will check these out.

You are such a wealth of wisdom!

Launa Hall said...

I remember so well the day Mr. Rogers died. My children were babies and it made me so sad to know that they would only know about him in past tense. Thank you for the link to this great post--loved it.