Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wearing His Cape Every Day

In yesterday's post I wrote about Alex, who spent a good part of the school year telling and retelling stories about Transformers. I made the assumption that his morality tales were based on having watched the movies and that some of his knowledge had been filtered through his older brother Colin.

Their dad Blake responded:

Alex and Colin have never seen the Transformer movies. They've never even asked, because I think they sense it would freak them out. Everything Alex knows is either from a commercial or the ever present 'merchandise' interpreted by his now reading brother . . .

As impressive as it is that Alex derived so much material from such a meager source, the fact that he had Colin have the self-awareness to choose to steer clear of a violent movie is the real news.

Discovering important truths about ourselves is a lifelong, heroic quest.

Blake tells me that "Alex is still wearing his cape everyday, and telling stories." That doesn't surprise me.

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