Friday, July 03, 2009

Short, Smart, Sweet and Silly

I hope everyone is out running through a sprinkler today. But just in case you take a peek at your computer, I thought I’d offer these pithy nuggets culled from the stack of stories the children told in class this year. (If you’re looking for more of the kids’ stories click here, here, here and here.)

The Boogie Woogie Raindeer was all boogie all day.
- Jack (3)

Why did the bear let go of his umbrella?
Cause he liked his umbrella going high.
– Luna (3)

It’s a choo choo.
Crashed it.
- Finn (3)

I don’t know what my story is.
– Sarah (3)

It was a T-Rex!
– Fletcher (3)

Build a flower. Nothing else.
– Annabelle (3)

Hidden floor came.
- Lukas (3)

Anjali, Mikey, Katherine, Alex, Jack, Annabelle, Nia, Ava, Thomas, Teacher Tom, Banana!
– Anjali (3)

Some pliers bought some tools.
And then it bought some rules.
– Thomas (3)

One time there was a talking head. Then that’s the end.
- Ava (4)

Humity, humity, humity.
– Josephine (3)


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LiesbetHyunMi said...

I laughed out loud when I read these. Man, I miss teaching!