Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Teacher Tom's Last Minute Gift Ideas

We've been bombarded with "last minute" gift idea promotions since at least mid-November, but now, finally, the last minute is truly upon us. As a public service I offer Teacher Tom's last minute gift ideas for children, most of which won't even require a trip to a mall or an Amazon delivery.

Mesh produce bags.

Things that rot.

A place to leave things to rot . . .

. . . and worms to live there.


An old typewriter.








Boxes and balls.

Nuts, bolts, wrenches and screwdrivers . . .

. . . rubber bands . . .

. . . and put them all together.

Glue guns.


Dolls . . .

. . . who need bandages.

Shipping pallets.


Water, gutters, tubes and shovels.



Step ladders . . .

. . . and homemade ladders.

Tree parts.




Junk . . .

 . . . and jewels.

And now you have a couple days to put up your feet. Happy holidays!


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