Thursday, March 28, 2019

"You're Not Listening To Me!"

Three girls and a boy were playing a game together that involved one of them being a baby while the others cared for her. As they played, the boy asserted that he was no longer the daddy, that he had turned into Ironman.

"No, you can't," one of them replied.

"Yeah, you can't be a superhero, you have to be the dad."

"I want to be Ironman."

"No, that's the wrong character."

"We're playing 'family'. Ironman isn't in our family."

They argued back and forth for a bit. Recognizing he was outnumbered, the boy, no matter what the girls said, started to simply repeat his reply, "I want to be Ironman."

I could see it was beginning to annoy at least one of the girls, who began to shout her arguments louder and louder while the boy replied each time, "I want to be Ironman."

Finally, in a pique of frustration, the girl stamped her foot, and said what parents have said to disobedient children for generations, "You're not listening to me!"

There was a pause before the boy replied, "I am listening! You're just saying the wrong things!"

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