Wednesday, December 21, 2016

An Important Project

If it's an important project, we all have to work together because, being important, we naturally want to get it just right.

First we made sure the giant tube is properly positioned at an angle that would take advantage of gravity while also forming an incline shallow enough that a human preschooler could properly position herself.

We thought she should be lower down the tube, with her bottom closer to the opening, but she objected, pointing out that she needed to be able to grab the top rim of the tube in order to remain in place. There was more back-and-forth about positioning until we finally managed it as best we could given the immutable realities of physics, our own physical abilities, and the mandates of theatrics.

We made a last check to make sure the channel was clear. Last time we tried it someone had messed things up buy shoving a big box up there. We weren't going to let that happen again.

After assembling a crowd of interested observers, a pair of us carried a large bucket full of tennis balls to the top of the tube, then after a countdown, we dumped them, the balls pouring out from behind our friend straddling the tube.

"She's pooping tennis balls!" we shouted, laughing. "Let's do it again!"

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