Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Let's Bust Them"

"These ghosts are annoying me."

"Yeah, let's bust them."

The boys were walking and talking, carrying their chosen ghost busting tools.

"Do you have a ghost, Teacher Tom?"

"I do, and it's annoying me."

"We'll bust it."

"Yeah, we'll bust it."

"Where is it?"

I pointed to a spot a few feet away. They busted it.

"Thanks, it was annoying me."

"Come on, let's look for ghosts up here."

One of the boys climbed the ladder and crossed the top of the monkey bars while his ghost busting buddy stuck to the ground. Their game had attracted the attention of a third party, "Why are you getting the ghosts. Maybe they're trying to be nice."

Both boys now back together on the ground, they looked at one another for a second, thinking together, then one of them replied, "We're only busting bad ghosts."

"Yeah, they took our candy so we're busting them."

"Maybe you could just share the candy. Maybe they don't want to get busted."

They thought together again, musing over this moral dilemma before one of them responded as if speaking for both, "They don't even like candy. They just throw it in the trash."

"Yeah, they throw it in the trash."

"So we bust them."

Their ghost busting tools still in hand, these boys who I'd never before seen play together despite having been classmates for more than a year continued on their way, heads together, expertly employing the power of the friendship invitation "Let's . . ."

"These ghosts are so annoying."

"Let's bust them!"


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