Monday, March 28, 2016

Deciding Where Things Go

We were tidying up the classroom. A three-year-old boy was trying to figure out where to put a Duplo building platform. Another boy, a freshly minted four-year-old, showed him where he was putting them. They had a brief conversation about it:

"That's where they go."

"Maybe they should go inside the box not outside."

"The big box is already full, see?"

They looked inside to confirm. "We'll have to put them outside."

"Yeah, right there."

They then proceeded to put the rest of the building platforms into the same place.

One of the fundamental rights and privileges of ownership is that you get to decide where things go. I was standing right there. They could have asked me, the teacher, where the building platforms were supposed to go, but they didn't even look at me. 

Sometimes the kids tell me that it's "Teacher Tom's school," and I correct them, "No, it's your school." I didn't have to say anything to these guys, they already know it's their school because it's up to them to decide where things go.

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