Friday, December 26, 2014

Six Things

I long ago lost interest in pouncing on those famous "teaching moments." Far more important are "learning moments." Rarely are those the same moments.

I used to worry what other people thought about me. Then, for a long time, I tried to stop caring. Now my main concern is what I think about the other people; from there my struggle is to love them.

As a boy, I thought the excitement of Christmas morning came from the presents. As I got older, I understood that more than presents, it is about the magic, something I could only understand after I stopped believing in it. The way to get the magic back is to create it for others.

The difference between my neurosis and yours is that mine makes sense.

Everyone, all the time, is doing the best they can.

The main distinction between adults and children is wisdom. I cannot pass mine on to you, nor can you pass yours on to me. Wisdom is made of things that can only be acquired through living for yourself, playing, and the wisest among us are those who have fallen down the most.

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Louise said...

I love this. And really the difference between people of *all* ages is wisdom. I'm 27, and feel a huge growth in wisdom from when I was in my early twenties. But I can feel compassion for my younger, less wise self because as you say, everyone is doing the best they can :)

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