Friday, April 04, 2014

"Together We're A Genius"

Together we're a genius. ~Six Feet Under

As we enter the final two months of school, I'm aware that the children have by now pretty much made it what it's going to be, with adult support, of course, but almost everything we do from here on in is an extension of who they are together. They've made their community from the relationships they've formed. This is their community, and in the phrase I picked up while researching a post from a few days ago, a big part of my job is "loitering with intent," which leaves plenty of time and space to reflect.

There are many, many love affairs among our various classes, from the 2's to the 5's, most of which have been forged in the heat of the process of figuring out what it means to be a friend. 

It's a process largely comprised of doing things together, side-by-side in fairy wings and princess dresses, seeing ourselves reflected in another.

It's a process that often involves sharing boldness: finding courage in the presence of one another . . .

. . . of doing things we might never have done had we been on our own . . .

. . . or discovering a game that could only have been found with two sets of eyes looking for it together.

And then doing it again and again, finding, "Hey, I like this, and so do you!"

We've built things together that have never been built before . . .

. . . from the materials that came to hand.

We're two people, peers, with a common goal and uncommon skills, habits, and temperaments.

And it comes together, our project, as a result of those differences between us.

Of course, those differences that are our strength can also lead to conflict.

That also stands at the center of the process of friendship, something we must go through to figure out how we are going to live together.

And we always find, as Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, "if we are to live together we have to talk."

We're driven to this, and through this, even when it's hard because it's worth it; because going places is more fun with a buddy's shoulder next to yours.

And the best things always require another person . . . 

. . . even if it's only to balance things out.

We came together these many months ago for this purpose alone, to learn this process, our process of making friends and building community.

That is the ultimate power of humanity, after all, finding genius in doing things together.

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Monique Nettles said...

Hi Teacher Tom it's Monique once again from the University of South Alabama. I love how you let your kids be creative and build things in their community. It gives them the freedom of creativity. I enjoyed your blog! The kids are just too cute!