Friday, July 12, 2013

What Love Is

Sympathy is when you pity a man carrying a heavy burden.

Empathy is when you feel his burden in your own back and legs.

Love is when you help him carry it.

And God is Love.

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Unknown said...

Sweet Love at It's Purest! <3

Anonymous said...

"Nuff said!

rachel said...

I love this picture, and the collaborative work. Such love. Such a little community!

Annabella said...

Beautifully said, Tom!

amy said...

Ahhh, Tom. Love your blog. Your last few posts are in perfect sync with events and conversations going on in my life in REAL TIME. I'm a kindergarten teacher in SoCal, so $$$ are tight this summer, but I'll be making a contribution in the Fall...that's how much your sharing encourages me and informs my teaching. Your influence is upping my game and I am grateful.