Sunday, September 09, 2012

"I Figure I Might As Well At Least Get Up"

A friend of mine's father was a boilermaker. I never met the man, but he was described to me as a tough, leathery guy who was missing a couple fingers. One morning, as a boy, my friend complained to his father, "Dad, I don't feel so good."

His old man answered, "I wake up that way a lot mornings not feeling so good, but you know, I figure I might as well at least get up, just to make sure.

"If I still feel bad after getting up, well then I figure I'm already up, so might as well at least get dressed.

"If I still fell bad, I figure since I'm up and dressed, I might as well at least eat some breakfast.

"If after that I still feel bad, well why not? I'm up and dressed and fed, I might as well head on in to work.

"If I still feel bad at my coffee break, I figure it's not too long until lunch. If after lunch I still feel bad, I figure I've come this far, so I might as well just finish up the day.

"When I get home, I figure if I still feel bad, I can crawl back into bed, but you know what? By then I almost never feel so bad any more."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay, I love all of your posts. But I really, really love this. It sounds so like my own amazing dad and his work ethic. Funny, he went to Purdue University. Yep, the Purdue Boilermakers.