Friday, June 01, 2012

We Are Only Two

A few days ago, I posted links to my "greatest hits" based on readership statistics. Jeanne from Zella Said Purple then asked me if there were any posts that I wished had enjoyed a larger readership when they were originally published. This is one of those, originally published in October, 2010 under the title No One Told Us We Are Only Two. The photos are from before we moved to our current space.

No One Told Us We Are Only Two

No one told us we are only two,
That playing parallel is the best of us,
And we cannot really see each other,
Even through a clear glass window.

No one told us we are only two,
And that we must look through one another,
But we found this mirror 
And I see a delightful reflection of me in you.

No one told us we are only two,
And held unable to share our toys
And space, and passions, and joys
Until sufficient time passes for the clockworks of biology to operate upon us.

No one told us we are only two,
When I found you in this mirror,
A playmate, a partner, a face in which to reflect myself,
And learn the most important things there are to know.

No one told us we are only two
Incapable of patiently waiting for a friend
To join me in this place where we play together,
Eye-to-eye and face-to-face.

No one told us we are only two
So we went ahead and found ourselves together,
Through this old storm window,
Through this looking glass of us.

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ACsMama said...

I love it! And as Mama of a girl who is "only two," I am constantly amazed and awed at how her little mind works and how she interacts with the world around her and the various people in it.

MaMammalia said...

Really beautiful. I even got a little misty-eyed. Beautiful.

Lisa Sunbury said...

This is just gorgeous, and for me underscores my belief that adults often witness and receive the kind of behavior we expect to from young children. If we see them as capable, if we respect them as being able to meet us and others as equal partners in relationship, then we are often amazed by what a child of "only two" can do, and the depths to which they engage with us and others.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Tom. Love it as well.

. Teacher of two-year-olds from Finland.