Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Why We're Here On Earth

I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different. ~Kurt Vonnegut

Yesterday's circle time was a perfect example of its type. We spent a good 10 minutes making up painful, icky, cold, and silly things to sit on, including a discussion of what exactly constitutes potty talk, then we sang a song, then we gave each other compliments (which were mostly just invitations to play dates), finishing by counting all of the links in our compliment chain aloud (371, give or take). And then we were done. You know, we just farted around.

The hamster wheel doesn't come apart on it's own. Someone has to work on taking it apart, removing the wheel from its stand.

I'd been wondering why someone would be doing it every day. I now know who's been doing it.

And I also know why: he's just been farting around.

Kids have been asking why we have this giant pencil. I tell them it's for drawing and writing.

They've figured out, however, that it's just for farting around.

Sometimes we fart around by putting cowboys in Wyoming and grandpas in Ohio and Winnie the Pooh in Georgia . . .

. . . or by lining up the "big boys" . . .

. . . or combing the ponies' manes.

We fart around with our whole bodies . . .

. . . inside and out . . .

. . . or up in the trees.

It's why we're here on Earth, man. The people who try to make it about anything else are wrong.

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Judi Pack said...

Love Kurt Vonnegut's words and miss him.

Leigh @ Toasted said...

Love it.
I need to remember this over and over and over again.
Or just hang with the kids and learn from the masters.

Kathy said...

THIS is why I miss be able to fart around with young kids all day for a living - the perfect job! (except for the pay...)
Thanks for putting a BIG smile on my face, Tom!

Anonymous said...

well....i know what my first tatoo will say! thank you for the inspiring quote - wise words indeed. We all need a little more farting around in our day :-)

Katrina O'G said...

Every day you remind me of the absolute preciousness of being a kid, or a grown up. We are all the same, and should all fart around as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Kids are the best teachers.

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