Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Hope You Have Too

The two boys are often found playing together, 3-year-olds, physically energetic, bright in their own spiky preschooler ways, sometimes appearing to understand more under the stars than anyone alive, sometimes staring blankly at the most self-evident mote. You know, typical kids.

Our sensory table is quite large, able to accommodate a dozen kids at a time if need be, but that doesn't prevent daily pushing matches over a particular spot. Usually it takes the form of a couple kids bumping elbows, then leaning into other another in an attempt to leverage a space. This is where it's good for adults to intervene.

These two boys bodily engaged, pushing into one another with all their might, wearing expressions of intensity belying their efforts. Syvia's mom Toby, stepped in, "You look like you have something to say to each other."

They disengaged, then still wearing his fierce expression, his body still tense from the altercation, the boy who had initiated the contact said, "I love you."

I've felt love that powerfully before. I hope you have too.

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