Monday, January 30, 2012

With Us All Gathered Around

Teaching, of course, can look like a lot of things, and often like nothing at all when it's time for us to step out of the way.

As a cooperative, the parents of our students are also their teachers.

Naturally, they've always been their own child's teacher, their first teacher, but now they're in the middle of all the kids: out there in the rain, in the splash zone.

Teaching, of course, can look like a lot of things, but so often it looks like it does in these pictures, huddled up, gathered around, heads together: all those great heads together, all of us learning together, all of us teaching one another.

I tell adults who come to visit our school that they should come prepared to be put to work, not necessarily by me, but by the children who have learned to look at every adult as their teacher, someone to call on, to ask, to involve.

Everything we do is marinated in this community of families.

Teaching, of course, can look like a lot of things, but around here, it often looks like this: with us all gathered around.

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JoAnn Jordan said...

Your photos do a great job of demonstrating the gathering part of learning. The level of concentration is so evident. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to gather children with music.

Weena said...
Yup. A lot of learning happens when children gather around.:)

Shelle Johnson said...

Love this post with all the pictures, and your whole blog really.
I was given the Versatile Blogger Award and I would like to pass the Award on to you. There are details on my blog that explain it all. I hope you will play along!

Happy blogging!