Monday, December 05, 2011

Laying Circles On The Ground

There are several big circles in the outdoor classroom. Some are hula hoops. Some are big plastic rings. Some are pruned grape vine tied into circles.

We had the idea to lay them on the ground. We stepped in and out of the circles. We jumped in and out of the circles. We arranged them side by side down the hill.

Then we followed the path we found we'd made, stepping from one circle to the next.

We followed one another to the bottom. We followed one another to the top. We did it again and again.

Then we started to run!

Some of them have stopped answering me when I ask them to teach me how to play. They grin then go back to what they were doing without a word. Now this is how they answer me.

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1 comment:

D Murphy said...

Aww it's surprising how simple things can keep little ones amused for hours:)