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"And Then Some Great Birds Helped Her Get Her Voice Back"

It's been awhile since I've shared any of the children's stories. This batch comes from our Pre-K class. If you want to learn more about our usual storytelling process, click here. Since this is a smaller group of older kids, the stories tend to be a bit more sophisticated. I've also been pointing out that stories tend to have a beginning, middle and end, and that "most of the good ones have a sad or scary or exciting or funny part in the middle." On most days, I also provide some sort of prompt (e.g., "You might want to write a scary story today," or "You might want to write a very sad story today.") although there is no expectation they stick to my theme. And finally, we tend to sit down to work in our journals right after I've read a story to the group and the influence of that often turns up in what they write.

Of course, with this collection from the first couple months of school, you definitely notice a Halloween theme to many of them.

By Sylvia
Once upon a time, there were bats that lived in a cave on an island with monster critters. But skeletons and monster critters came. And then Fairy Queen, the bat leader, just spread her magic, spread the skeletons high. They were a little tough, but she beat them. She spread the magic to spread out the critters. With her wand, she froze them.

Once upon a time, there were three little ducks, but they didn't care about the bats in the cave. The ducks lived in the cave. Actually, there was one duck. The duck's name was Glitter Microphone. Glitter Microphone had a pet bat. So that's why she didn't care about the bat, 'cause all of the bats were pets with Glitter Microphone.

Once upon a time there was a duck named Sparkle. The duck lived in a cave and she didn't care about the bats. Sparkle was a girl. She didn't care about the bats because there was only one bat and that one bat was a pet. It was Glitter's pet.

By Sadie
Once upon a time there was a princess and a unicorn. So they were trying to meet some good friends. And so she got on the unicorn. They went so fast. They met a prince. And then a witch tried to get them.

Once upon a time there was a princess that found a great fairy. But the fairy couldn't see the princess. And so the fairy was flying and flying. And then she got really dizzy and then she saw the princess. Until there was a witch that was trying to make her way to get the princess. And to make her drink some bad soup. So there was 7 dwarfs that say, "Run away! Run away! There's a witch that's trying to get you and drink some bad soup." And so she ran and she ran until she found some pretty animals and flowers everywhere, until the witch found the princess and she was trapped. And when she got her to her evil castle she was trapped inside a jail. And so the witch was getting ready to serve her some evil drink. And  so she was trying to get out. But when she drank it her voice was gone until the evil says, "Now go along to your party now." And then some great birds helped her get her voice back. And then the animals got trapped. And the princess tried to get the animals out. And her mom got the animals out. And she met a prince at her party.

A Castle of People
Once upon a time, there was a queen. She was walking out through the woods. And she found some butterflies and bats. There was mean butterflies and mean bats and two big spider webs with fire spiders. And so the queen was trying to find her way. So there was a little kitten on the other side. The spider said, "I will not let you through until you feed me." And then there was a princess and a king on the other side too. Even there was a big castle there too. And then there was inside the castle was a party. There was food, and blueberries, and a little strawberry. And then there was only some chips. All of a sudden there was mean fairies. The fairies took the queen and the bad fairies took the queen to their evil castle. The witch cut her hair and she rolled it so long into a big ponytail. The witch broke her crown so she got to be home. She was trying to go but instead she got trapped!

Once upon a time, there was flowers and a princess. The flowers and princess wanted to know what it would be like to fly on an airplane. Something started to light up. An evil witch started to light up. It lighted up from nowhere. The witch took the princess. She took her to the North Pole. When they got there the witch leaved the princess there. The witch flew back to the evil castle. She flied back home in an airplane. The princess met penguins at the North Pole. She also saw Santa Claus. Santa Claus had rainbow glasses. Santa Claus started to blink and Santa had bees in his eyes. Santa said, "Nothing can stop me except one thing -- a big ploppy shoes that go BOOM! BOOM!" Santa Claus went home. But then the penguin took the princess in the water. The princess went, "Brrrrrr!" And so the penguins took off the princess' dress and all they saw left was her bathing suit. They went under the water.

Once upon a time, Dora and Boots were going trick or treating. Dora's costume was a princess. Boots wanted to be a chicken. They bringed their doggy also. The doggy ate so much candy that the doggy got so sick. The doggy had to go back home. Boots and Dora got to keep going but the doggy did not. Doggy had to take a rest. When the doggy took a rest, the dog started to yawn and fall asleep. When Dora and Boots were trick or treating, they saw an evil witch. Boots and Dora got into trouble.

By Sasha
Once upon a time, there was a princess and a castle. Her name was Olivia. And her mother the queen Fuzzy. Then and her father the king was named Coo Coo. And she had a little baby brother. And then her baby was named Cuckoo Clock. Then a witch named Bufuss and she wanted to capture the princess. Then she got captured.

Once upon a time, there was a huge, big, mean castle. Skeletons and ghosts and goblins and a tree that had a crocodile swimming pool. Then a witch named Bahalo, she was very mean. She lived with the ghosts and goblins and skeletons. Bats came! But they wouldn't want that in their big castle. But the bats talked. And all the bad guys said, "What? I didn't know bats talked!" But there was a little girl named Rapunzel. She had super long hair. But her mean mother named Mother Gogol and she tried to get down from the castle. But it was too high. So Rapunzel used her long, long hair to get mother Gogol down from the castle. When Mother Gogol arrived, then there was a prince named Flynn Rider. He wanted to cut Rapunzel's hair. But Rapunzel banged him with a pan. Then he woke up with one eyeball. And the other eyeball was closed. Then she banged him again with her pan. Then he cut her hair. Then the got married.

One day in the forest it was super rainy. It was even cold too. But a rainstorm came. The princess had to stay at her house for a long, long time. Then a prince came with his hat and his horse. The horse's head had an umbrella. Then the prince came to the princess' house. But the princess went on her horse and the prince went on his horse. And they went to the ball to dance and they got married.

There once was a witch who had goblins and ghosts. She was a bad witch. She actually got even skeletons who could walk and disguise themselves as people. And the people were cowboys. And a prince named Prince Phillip was riding on his horse to Rapunzel's tower. He actually stopped because he saw a big wall. His horse jumped over the big wall. He had big muscles, so then they keeped riding, "Dee-dee-dee, dee-dee! Ow! Bonk!" Then the horse said, "Huh?" Then the prince got married with the princess, but first they had to cut the princess' hair. Then they got married, but they were too late to get married. Then it was still opened. They're married.

By Sena
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . Once upon a time, Luke went out and made his first light saber. There was a princess nearby. The princess said to Luke, "Luke, do you know where my mother is?" Luke didn't know. And then Darth Vader came by. They were a little scared. Then they goed out home. Then there was a big battle. Luke lost his light saber. And then since he lost his light saber, he made a new green one. Then they went to the Ewok's little cave. Wicket wouldn't let go of Han Solo's leg. And then they finally got to go outside. All the Ewoks thought C3PO was special. Leia was there and and then Luke came and they were at the Ewok's little cave and C3PO was in a big chair up high.

Luke goed to Yoda's home. And Yoda said, "I will die. I am sick." Luke said, "No, you won't." Then Yoda was under his covers. This was Yoda's last words: "There is another Skywalker." Luke said, "What?" And then Ben Kenobi sat on a bench with Luke. And they talked together and Luke had to guess who the next Skywalker was and he guessed Leia. Luke was right.

Okay, so . . . One day, bats flew by while Leia and Luke were trick or treating. And it was Halloween that day. They went out to trick or treat. And then they were not afraid of the bats. The bats were just funny. They had a cat. The cat was dressed up as a princess like Leia. The cat went trick or treating too. And then they went to a house and the cat got candy and Luke got candy and Leia got candy too.

By Jody
There's lots of creatures. And there's lots of sharp teeth. Then sharp claws. They had volcanoes that never stop erupting. And at night the creatures froze. And the volcanoes still erupting. They all died, then the bones grew into flowers. Then the volcanoes stop erupting. Then flowers grow in the volcanoes. Flowers everywhere. Gravel is their dinner. In the end they fled (the monsters). That's it. And some animals also eat pokey plants.

The giant snowman was good, but then he becomes bad. The volcano erupts at Thursday, and the giant monsters creep out and bite the giant snowman, but he doesn't die. He gets hot from the volcano and he gets melted. People come along and they investigate him and fix him. and the people die once he's alive because they didn't notice they turned him bad. Then the bad guys come along and help him get up. And then the good guys kill the bad guys and the bad guys are dead. And the snowman melts down again and never comes back alive. And then the monsters go back in their cave and then the monsters die because they're so hot. And then they melt and then the snowman melts again and he never comes alive ever, ever, ever.

By Siena
Once upon a time there was a baby pink sparrow. The baby pink sparrow lived in a cave. It was a blue cave. The baby pink sparrow had a baby pink bat. Everything was pink inside the cave. Usually it wasn't. There was bit of purple. The bed was purple, the sheets were purple -- everything was pink and purple! And there was some silver and sparkly things in the cave too. It was winter time and the cave was a big mountain with a stick on top. And another stick on top. There were little tiny lines that were like letters.

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Lesley @early play said...

Thanks for posting all these stories. I notice that most of them start with once upon a time and are quite magical giving us a window into the preshoolers psyche. Do all the children tell their stories?