Saturday, October 22, 2011

Water Explosions!

During the summer, we strung up a system of three pulleys over the sand pit, ran a rope through them and tied a bucket to the opposite end. To start off the new school year, I've had it tied up out of reach as we get the kids (and parent-teachers) settled into the outdoor classroom, mostly because it's one of those activities that requires at least one dedicated adult to make sure no one gets brained by a heavy bucket falling from out of a tree. 

Later in the year, we can expect the children to largely take responsibility for their own risk assessment, but for now they need our help.

We started with an empty bucket, light enough for a single child to hoist, which quickly lead to squabbles as a half dozen kids wanted their turn. 

Calder's mom Brooke helped them work out a turn-taking system. 

In the meantime, however, a second group of kids was hard at work filling the bucket with water from our cast-iron water pump

The rope pullers kept pulling, the bucket getting slowly heavier.

It wasn't long before that bucket was too heavy for a single child to lift.

That's when we needed each other and turn-taking was called off in favor of a good old-fashioned heave-ho.

And then, perhaps the hardest part. Once we got it up there as high as it would go, we all had to let go together, "One, 2, 3, let go!" sending it plummeting to the ground. A water explosion!

Then we filled the bucket up again and again and again.

Later, we discovered that the wet sand we'd created was perfect for mud pies.

That's how to play in case you were wondering. See ya!

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La Casita del Arbol said...

Very inspired by all your posts... I'm a preschool teacher who is homeschooling her 5 year old kindergartner with a group of 3 kids... and I LOVE all the pontential you have created on your back yard!!

La Casita del Arbol said...

Potential... sorry :-(

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Glorious fun, and it also looks like a glorious fall day.
How to play, indeed!!
Thanks, Tom, for the enjoyable post!

Jen said...

And this is exactly why we are SO excited to be joining your classroom! See you Monday!