Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catching A Bee In A Box

Catching a bug in a box is something anyone can do, but catching a bee is the kind of thing you can only do when there aren't adults watching your every move.

They won't let you try because, they say, You'll get stung, but Isabella didn't get stung which makes everyone think adults don't know what they're talking about, or that Isabella is a kind of super kid, or that grown-ups have a bad habit of speaking their worries as truth instead of what they are: farfetched anti-hopes.

The bee was crawling through the dust. Isabella got the bug box and carefully scooped the bee into it, quickly screwing on the lid. You could almost hear everyone's hearts beating while she did it. That's how to catch a bee so you don't get stung.

She let all the kids hold it so we could see it up close, tap on the plastic, and view it through the magnifier on the top. We showed it to everyone because everyone needs to see a bee in a box, even the little kids who don't even care how dangerous it is to have a bee this close to you.

See? See it? See the bee? We need to find some honey so we can feed it. That's what bees eat. Do we have any honey Teacher Tom? I know, let's pick a little flower and stick the stem through one of the air holes.

Maybe it'll eat that. I don't know. Maybe. It'll have to eat something or it will die. Hey, let's take it into the bushes and hang it from a branch. That's what we ought to do with the bee Isabella caught in a box when the grown-ups weren't looking. Then we'll check on it tomorrow.

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Males in Early Childhood said...

Haha, love it! You should see what I get up to when the adults aren't watching.

jenny @ let the children play said...

Love it! My oldest son dedicated his 2 years at preschool completely to bug hunting and bug catching - I can't even remember a painting coming home. He was in heaven.

Aunt Annie said...

Hey, I let a baby nearly fall off the edge of the sandpit today when the adults weren't watching. Again and again. And you know what? She very nearly taught herself to stand unassisted. :D Adults are BOOORING!

the_Tmac said...

what a great post. my 4 year old considers it his job in our house to go outside and catch all the wasps every morning while i cook breakfast. i have made a promise to myself never to watch him so that he can have the experience. he really is quite gifted at it!

Play said...

Please don't leave the bee hang from a tree... let it go...let it be free for you and me, for if you don't we might not have fruit for tomorrow:)

Amelia said...

What became of the bee?
Did you let it go again?