Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Worked For Him Every Time

Little red wagon, little red bike, I ain't no monkey but I know what I like. ~Bob Dylan

The silver wagon, the one that was born red; maybe some day songs will be written about her.

She's lived a quiet life in our preschool up to now (although, on her days off, she's marched in a half dozen summer solstice parades and spent an August at Burning Man).

In the old place, there was really nowhere for her and her little red sister to be of service, so they sat unused, taking up valuable storage space. Regularly, I would think, We really should get rid of them, but I couldn't take that step because what kind of self-respecting preschool doesn't have wagons? 

Wagons live best where there is more space. We have just enough now, space, barely, and a hill that can be cleared to make a track.

The silver wagon is always the first one chosen.

And down we go, rocking our bodies back and forth first to get her going, then following the slope, bumpily . . .

. . . with a meager ability to steer and none to brake . . .

. . . all the way to the bottom.

It's a perfect ride, slow and bumpy to a natural stopping point where the ground levels out, although with just the right amount of challenge.

I love that there are friends on the scene to help; to turn us back to the fun we're having; away from the disappointment of tipping over.

And friends with whom to ride.

Because riding together like children in a Norman Rockwell painting . . .

. . . is among the best things in the world.

We come to a stop where gravity and obstacles will have us, always laughing from the thrill of the ride.

He told me, "If I pull back on the handle, it slows down." That can't be, I know, although it worked for him every time.

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CJ said...

Loved to do this when I was a kid! The thrill of slowly gaining momentum as I coasted down the hilly sidewalk, the only control I had was the handle, the only way to stop was to steer into the grass. I felt so grown up being able to "drive." And you are right...riding with someone was the best! Thanks for bringing back those forgotten memories!!

beth said...

I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration your blog is. I have been teaching preschool for over 30 years in a church facility. I loved the outdoor space at your other location, and not to see how you are using the church facility- we are in the process of up grading our outdoor space. Your blog reminds me to be free-er with the children. Letting them take reasonable risks and not worrying so much. Thanks Teacher Tom many more happy years for the children entrusted to you.

Jeanne Zuech said...

love the wagon(s) - wow, silver AND red! love the adventure story and the hill. love the "if I pull back on the handle, it slows down" - gotta have a theory, right? have a great day :)