Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rainbow Visitors

We found tiny rainbows on the floor today. And another dancing on the wall.

We live in a place of moody weather, where the sky is a dome of oatmeal for most of our lives, so when the sun shines like this, it reveals a kind of everyday magic with which children in other places have grown accustomed.

We crowded around it and it disappeared, but we found it was only hiding on the back of a friend's leg. We tried to step on it, but like a trickster fairy it flitted onto our shoelaces faster than an eye blink. We did it again and again, not even knowing that we were experimenting with the speed of light.

When we lifted the corner of the rug upon which our rainbow danced, we found it's twin hiding under there. Later, when the rainbow on the rug was gone, so was the one under the rug. On and under, there and gone.

Teacher Tom insisted on pointing out the diamond that has always hung hopefully in the window, but we've seen and seen that bit of everyday magic. It's our rainbow visitors with whom we're going to play.

Finally, he lets us be, giving the diamond a swing from it's little chain. All the rainbows dance with renewed vigor, in arcs shaped like smiles. We chase it with our hands and feet, sharing wonderful laughter.

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twistedxtian said...

It's the little things. :)

Olivia Jean said...

So simply magical :D

Barbara Zaborowski said...

One of the best investments our school ever made was buying solar-powered rainbow makers for all the rooms getting direct morning sun. Despite the almost constant sunshine here in Phoenix, the rainbows NEVER get old. The kids are as delighted now at the end of the year as they were when we began in August.

Deb said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I definitely need some crystals to hang around the house. It's funny, we spend most of our time avoiding the sun and blocking it from coming in, I love that now we have a large shaded area I can open all the curtains.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This is lovely, and is such a timeless childhood experience.

The hide and seek quality of the rainbows, especially under and over the carpet, brings to mind another fascinating childhood experience - how the moon follows you at night when driving in a car. I remember feeling such wonder about this.

It is the simple things that children really love I think.

Teresa said...

The children in my class have been investigating the wonders of light...including the miracle of rainbows and reflection. One of the most beautiful moments was when a child asked to use our class-made color reflection panels (mirrors with colored acetate taped on them) to "Fly the colors". It was a beautiful description for the magic he was exploring and the power he felt.

Thank you for your posts...they often touch me as a fellow educator.

ali khan said...

really great sharing, its help full for kids, hope that you will keep it up and will share more as like this