Monday, February 28, 2011

"She Feeled About Sad"

I haven't shared any of the children's stories here for quite some time. In fact, some of these are from last year. If you're curious about how we tell our stories, click here.

This first batch was from the beginning this this school year. Enjoy!

Mine is about Buzz Lightyear and the Lorax. The Grinch lift up tape off. Then the Grinch started to tip his head. And he tipped his bottom. And he runned over a monster truck. Then runned over a car monster. And they runned over ghost. And they runned over a Lorax and a tree. The Lorax got into the box and got into a Charlie Brown.  --Charlie L.

It's all about swords. A sword hit a truck. Then a car bumped into a ghost. Then a truck ghost came and bumped into a care and runned over a car.  --Ariya

So my story is about light swords. Then they ran over a truck and the truck ran over whole lots of junk. And it ran over some bad buys and some bad guys ran over a boars. And it a boars ran over Kung Fu Panda. Then Indiana Jones comed and whapped his whip. --Charlie M.

It's all about birds. Some birds flied over a tree and landed in their nest. The eggs hatched. And then the birds flew to get food for their babies.  --Sylvia

Ariel was on the water. Then she swimmed. She swimmed deep, deep under water.  --Jasper

It's about Buzz Lightyear. At Florida it was about Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movie.  --Hisak (Isak's favorite letter is "H" so he spells his name with a silent "H")

About Vikings. A dragon blowed fire on the shield. A sword hit the table and all the paint falled down. Some lightening crashed on the tree and the tree falled down.  --Orlando

It's called a ghost gets lost. Then a monster trunck runned over him. Then another monster truck runned over him. Then Orlando banged the ghost on the head. Then a monster comed and picked up a truck and throwed it at him.  --Charlie B.

The big hairy green monster. The monster bumped into a truck. A ghost bumped into a wheel.  --Charlotte

It's about a ghost and a wicked witch. They had batteries and a scary, scary, scary truck bumped into them. And then they bumped into a tire. (Mine is pretty long. And pretty scary.) They splattered paint on their head and they stealed treasure. They went up to a bad man and stealed their treasure. And they came and stealed them back. And they dumped the pirates in the sea. And they splattered them. That scared her. And they splattered all these people and even Connor. They banged the ceiling. And they broke everything.  --Benjamin

Cinderella lived in a castle. Her step sisters were mean. She feeled about sad.  --Sasha

I have a little baby here. Well once the baby fell from the branch. She's not a very good climber. She also fell down a hole. She slipped. Well, she landed. I caught her.  --Cora

The man drove a thing. Well, he fell into the mud. And then he lifted him back up onto the road. And then he drove to his parking spot. Well, he went back and then his thing went up. And then he got out and then it closed. This closed. Well, he rested down on top and slept well. The other woke up and he ran down. And then he jumped up and went into here and into the truck and drove to the clipboard. Well, the tree crashed down and then his engine broke. Well, his back couch was loose. When it let out everything fell out and his thing came unconnected and it slid down on the road. And he was happily ever.  --Connor

Here's a batch of stories I found on the back of my clipboard from the end of last year.

Gaa Gaa Goo Goo Puppy. And then he bumps his head on the floor. And then I hope he didn't roll over. Oh no, he did! And then he goed to the farm and seed if there was a cow milk there. And then he found some. And then he spilled it on his sister. And then the sister screamed out the window. And then the sister bumped his head right on the window sill. And then she bonked it on her puppy who brought the milk home and poured it on his sister.  --Katherine

The man bonked his head on the floor and bonked his head everywhere. And he put lemon juice on him and then he bonked into a pancake. A baby cried on him. A monster come and killed him. And then him bonked on his chair. And then him bomped some pancakes on his chair. And then him banged some paper again on his head. And then him bonked his bottom on his heard. And then him bonked his chair on his dead and him was a monster.  --Lachlan

A monkey ran up a tree. It crawled up the ground. Then he ate his tooth. Then a pig saw the monkey's tracks. Then the pig caught the monkey. Then the monkey jumped off his back and pulled his tail. Then he fell over. He fell on the ground.  --Luna

Kiran . . . (I can't think of anything.)  He keeps taking all the pots out. I keep wanting to put it away. Kiran keeps taking my art supplies out. I keep wanting him to put it away.  --Anjali

A monster in a truck ran over the car. And then the car died and then the monster truck died too. And then the monster tripped out of the monster truck. Then he hurt his knee and then the monster died.  --Hisak

"I don't care. Meow, ouchie, ouchie." That's what the kitty's saying. She's saying, "I am tired. Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow." I'm saying, "Ouchie, ouchie, ouch." It's the duckling. "I'm a ducky." "Meow, Meow, ouchie, meow." "Quack, quack, quack, quack." "Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow." "Quack." "Bye bye."  --Ella

If these aren't enough stories for you, here are previous storytelling posts in the order in which they appeared:

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Magister Neveu said...

Love these stories. The creativity and imagination of our youngest students can be staggering. Reminds me of a terrific viral vid from a couple years back (, wherein a preschool-age French girl regales her viewers with a winding tale that is nothing short of epic. Makes you wish television was half as inventive.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I enjoyed these stories. Thank you as well for your post on how you do the storytelling with the children. I'd like to work this in to my work, it seems great for language, creativity, and fun!