Monday, November 01, 2010

It's The Troll's Night

The troll who lives under the Aurora Bridge celebrated his 20th birthday last night, which, in case you didn't know, is the real reason people dress up in costumes on October 31.

That's a long time to stay down there in the shadows munching on the stray cars that come his way (that's a vintage VW Beetle in his left hand). We've made the assumption that he likes to see us out playing in the street on Troll Avenue North, but no one knows for sure because he's made of concrete and never even cracks a smile.

That's probably why we wear costumes, so he doesn't recognize us, on the off chance he just wants to be left alone. Trolls, I think, are known for bearing grudges and I drive over that bridge every day. I played it safe in my pink bunny ensemble.

Ricky Gene stood on the Troll and told us that 4 fingers from Elvis' left hand are inside the Beetle.

We trotted out some zombie belly dancers for our entertainment if not his.

Then a host of skeleton drummers and dancers marched up the hill to lead us in a parade through the streets of Fremont. I walked most of the way with Zsa Zsa and Jasper's dad Peter, a Woodland Park family from years ago.

But we didn't stay exposed for long because it's the Troll's night, and as everyone knows, trolls live under bridges, in this city of bridges. So it was under the Fremont Bridge that we stopped to dance.

A few other Woodland Park alumni, both kids and parents, where there under the bridges as well, howling, dancing, and celebrating the Troll. Aurelia even gave me candy from her trick or treating stash.

It makes me happy to live in a place where adults haven't forgotten how to play.

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Michelle said...

Having a community you can belong to is truly wonderful, isn't it :)
What a special, fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Play for Life said...

So you did away with the cape for "a pink bunny ensemble" you say Tom ... Yep! We'd all like to see that!
Donna :) :)

S. Krajicek said...

This a completely random comment, but... I just received the Anthropolgie catalog. My son and I had a great time looking at the home goods section. I think we're going to spend some time revisiting the images and dreaming up some stories to go with them. They made me smile and then they made me think of your classroom. If you can get your hands on a copy I think you'll have lots of ideas for ways to use it!

Juliet Robertson said...

I didn't realise the Troll was so young. My oh my, it's looking old for its age.

JennB said...

Gosh, haven't thought of that troll for years! I lived in Kirkland (near Seattle) for a few years, must have been 13 or 14 years ago. Now I have to go and find my photo of it..... Thanks for the happy memory.