Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tree Part Balancers -- UPDATE!

In my rush to post this morning about the Tree Part Balancers I'd made, I neglected to fully test them.

I mentioned that I anticipated that as the children played with them, the hole through which the wire was threaded would enlarge, causing the stick to pivot around the wire. I was hoping to correct for that with a spot of glue. This did not work and the sticks did indeed wind up pivoting around the wire. They could be balanced, but it was much more difficult.

My "fix" was to bend the wire around the stick as you see in the pictures:

I included this photo to show off my dirty fingernails
and acrylic paint smudges.

The stick no longer pivots and they balance perfectly. Sorry if I screwed anyone up!

I've now updated the original post to reflect this as well.

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Let the Children Play said...

Tom, you never fail to amaze me. The kids will love these.

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled to be able to witness your creativity - I want to come to school with you. Thanks for experimenting and working out the bugs!

kristin said...