Thursday, January 07, 2010

Even More Carved Books (And A Bonus Owl Photo!)

In addition to being a preschool teacher, I’m also an artist, examples of which I’ve shared with you here and here.

The holiday season was a productive one for me, resulting in several sales (could the economy finally be turning around?), and the completion of three new pieces. Not only that, but my show at the North Seattle Community College library continues to spark interest, so I’m kind of walking on clouds these days.

Here is my most recent one:

Playing Cards

I mentioned in my last post on the topic that I was working on a commission. This one was a Christmas gift for an avid golfer:

Golf Is A Four Letter Word

And the idea of making art out of this ubiquitous little bartender’s guide made me laugh. As a friend pointed out, it’s a little like those paintings of dogs playing poker or Elvis painted on black velvet:

Mr. Boston’s Deluxe Official Bartenders Guide

Bonus Photo: Teacher Tom As An Owl

In my post about our Winter Solstice Feast I mentioned that I was wearing my owl costume, which was described but not depicted photographically. Apparently, that didn’t satisfy some people so I’ve been waiting and waiting for one to surface so I can share it with you. So without further ado, here I am in my owl costume:

Yes, I know, my headdress is made of peacock feathers which kind of wrecks the whole look, but look how tall it makes me, and besides, it’s the only part of the costume I made myself. I acquired this from the Seattle Children’s Theater, which auctions off several costumes each year as part of its fundraising efforts. This one is from their production of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

(Should I confess here that we have four rolling racks of adult-sized costumes in our basement?)

Okay, I'm done boring you with personal stuff. Back to preschool posts tomorrow.

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Launa Hall said...

I just read that the Metropolitan Opera does the same kind of auction. Next on the block are some leftover fat suits from the dream sequence in Hansel and Gretel--apparently the Met production foregoes the angels for rotund chefs.
I love your owl costume! Thanks for the photo!

Deborah Stewart said...

Now it is all starting to come together - your love and ability for art is definitely being translated into your preschool classroom.

Oh, and that owl costume is a "hoot"!

MOM #1 said...

I LOVE your carved books.

That's a hilarious costume, you look so happy, which is really what makes the photo.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

It's all great! I've never been much for costumes, but it's so much fun when others are!

Anna G said...

Wow! I love your carved books, thanks for sharing, I've never seen that done before.

kristin said...

we have 2 huge garbage bags of adult costumes too. : ) thankfully we have friends committed to costume parties each spring.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. I like Playing Cards. It reminds me of a Hartley abstract that I love.

Unknown said...

You might be the best looking owl I have ever seen. : )

The books are magnificent. Your art work is astounding.

PS I love personal : )