Thursday, September 10, 2009

From The Archives

I have to hit it early today, so I thought I'd draw your attention to a few posts from the the days when only about a dozen or so people were reading the blog.

"Growing Brave Children"
Both our history and popular culture are full of stories and imagery that suggests that solving problems through violence is an act of bravery. I try to make the case here that it takes far more courage to choose non-violence. This, at least, is what we try to teach children at Woodland Park.

"Up, Up and Away!"
Pretending to be superheroes or princesses are ways our children experiment with being powerful. There are other ways as well.

"People Outside of Time"
Play is why we're here. And that goes for grown-ups too.

"And Get On With Your Life of Doing"
This is the story about how Henry taught me the true meaning of the Tao.

"Compromise: The Other Messy Art Project"
Learning to compromise is the key to creating a vital community.

"And Now The Children Tell Their Stories"
Children tell incredibly imaginative and funny stories. Here are few from last year.

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natalee said...

love it im glad you reposted

natalee said...

Teacher dear bloggy friend will you check out my website and send tips or advice my way... hugs