Monday, June 22, 2009

Woodland Park in the Parade (With Pictures)

I wanted to share some of our Fremont Solstice Parade fun visually.

I think this picture taken by Christopher Nelson really captures the energy of our Superhugger ensemble.

This is a group shot at the end of the parade. It's a game: Can you find me? If you want to be part of this photo next year, let me know.

And here's a little video of the parade. The second half is mostly Superhuggers in action.

This is former Woodland Park parent Peter on his stilts leading the parade.

Bradley is also a Woodland Park alumnus. We've been Superhuggers together for the past 3 years. That's his daughter Aurora wearing the pink hat on the float.

This is Teacher Aaron with his daughter Kaye, both former WPers. They were part of the Hooverville Optimism ensemble.

And here's Aaron's other daughter Lila.

And last, but not least, is our friend Jay Dotson and his 25 foot beach ball. This may well have been the most popular part of the parade. People spontaneously came out of the crowd to be run over. That's Jay in the rainbow wig who looks like he's taking a bite out of the ball.

There were dozens of other members of our community both watching and participating in the parade (Zsa Zsa, Jasper and Laura to name a few). I'll post more photos as I come across them. This is how we celebrate around here.


Here are Jasper and Laura!


And this is our friend Zsa Zsa with her bro. (Thanks to Teacher Aaron!)

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This is great!!! Such fun, I agree Summer Solstice everyday!!!

Unknown said...

Evan loved the hugger that threw him several feet in the air. Thanks for linking to the Christopher Nelson photostream...great pic of you and the previous shot has Evan shaking some pom poms while he was waiting for a Teacher Tom hug...he was thrilled by the whole affair. Talk about a vivid sensory experience for the kiddos!