Monday, December 26, 2016

Then We Knew The Answer

We found treasure in the wood chips,
Not my treasure, nor your treasure.

We pinched each piece in our fingers
And put them in a coffee pot,

Then stepped back together
To see what we had done.

We found a carpet tube on the carpet,
Not my tube, nor your tube.

We sprawled on our bellies
Holding it under our chests and arms.

Then stayed there for awhile
Giggling over what we had done.

We built a cardboard airplane
Not my plane, nor your plane.

We drew on it with markers,
Telling stories about where we would go,

Then just kept making that plane
Until no one said it was done.

We found a rainbow in the fountain
Not my rainbow, nor your rainbow.

Shown to us by a winter sun
Banded colors made from mist,

Then we knew the answer:
This is why we're here.

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