Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Good, Bad, And Making Mistakes

She was swinging while wearing her Frozen-theme sweatshirt. The way her hair fell forward, it created the illusion that the thick blonde braid printed on her shoulder was actually a part of her.

I said, "Whoa for a second there I thought the Elsa braid on your jacket was really part of your hair."

She looked down at her sweatshirt, then back at me, "It's not though. Did you know I saw Frozen a lot of times?"

"I did know that, you told me."

"Did you ever see it?"


"You should. It's really good."

"I'm worried it would be too scary for me. I don't like bad guys."

She thought about that for a moment. "Hans is the only bad guy and he's not very scary."

"What about Elsa? Doesn't she freeze all of Arondale? That's pretty bad. I think she's a bad guy."

She smirked at me, "No, Elsa's not bad. She's good."

"But what about Arondale? That was pretty bad. And she froze her own sister, too. I think she's a bad guy like Darth Vader."

"Darth Vader is a bad guy, but Elsa was bad and then was good."

"But wasn't Darth Vader good and then bad, too?"

By now our conversation had attracted a small crowd.

A boy stepped forward, holding his hands spread before him, "Teacher Tom, Elsa froze everybody, but then it turned out she was good."

And an older girl chimed in, "And Darth Vader was good then he was bad in the end."

"Yeah," said the girl in the sweatshirt on the swing, "Darth Vader was good then he turned bad. Elsa was always good and just made a mistake."

I said, "Oh, so Elsa just made a mistake when she froze all of Arondale . . . Maybe Darth Vader just made a mistake when he went on the Dark Side."

She thought for a moment, then replied, "I guess so, but probably not. No body would like the movie if Darth Vader was good."

She had a point. I was then invited to "Look at me!" as she stood on the swing, signaling the end to our comp lit discussion of good, bad, and making mistakes.

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GRizingraz said...

Well, then, welcome back. I am a retired teacher but remember feeling that same sense of elation at the beginning of every new year (and yes, a little nervousness, too.) BTW, I LOVE the cow observing the easel painting. OMG! How cute is that?