Friday, January 22, 2016

Girl Talk

Lately, I've been starting my afternoons hanging out with a few of the four and five-year-old girls on the playground, just engaging in a little girl talk. At least I call it "girl talk," then they tell me I'm not a girl, but I can still talk with them.

Last week we were giving each other friendship fist bumps when one of them had the idea of elbow bumps instead. As we exchanged elbow bumps, I was actually saying "elbow bump" with each connection. No one else was doing this and I suddenly had a small epiphany about why teenagers hate it so much when we old people try to use their slang. We do annoying things like saying "elbow bump" when we're giving elbow bumps. Fortunately, I thought, these were not teens and therefore unlikely to even notice my nerdy-ness.

Well, I was wrong. After saying "elbow bump" a time too many, one of the girls asked, "Did you just say, elbow butt?"

It was a good one, so I laughed.

One of them then wondered, "What if we really did have elbow butts."

"It would be bumpy."

"We could put our butts and our elbows on the table at the same time."

"We could elbow bump with our butts."

I love me some girl talk.

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