Friday, July 31, 2015

Ridiculous And Sublime

On this Friday, I thought I'd share a couple of lighter side videos that are making the rounds. The first wonders what it would be like if we treated teachers like we do sports stars.

As a sports fan and occasional ESPN watcher, I found this hilarious, even if they do talk a lot about test scores, but I think that can be forgiven. Of course, it did also occur to me that if we really did treat teachers like this, if we recruited them, paid huge salaries, and hyped them up into household names, we would then attract the kinds of people into the profession for whom these things are important. Then those of us who are currently teachers would be forced to become attorneys.

This next video is more on the sublime side. I'm actually not at all surprised that the Vancouver cops discovered this great, heartwarming truth about their fellow citizens. I think we sometimes forget that the bad guys are genuinely few and far between. Most of us are compassionate, helpful, and caring.

Have a great weekend!

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