Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What "Good Parenting" Means

"It's the people we love the most who can make us feel the gladdest . . . and the maddest! 

Love and anger are such a puzzle! It's hard for us, as adults, to understand and manage our angry feelings toward parents, spouses, and children, or to keep their anger toward us in perspective. 

It's a different kind of anger from the kind we may feel toward strangers because it is so deeply intertwined with caring and attachment.

If the day ever came when we were able to accept ourselves and our children exactly as we and they are, then, I believe, we would have come very close to an ultimate understanding of what "good parenting" means. 

It's part of being human to fall short of that total acceptance -- and often far short. But one of the most important gifts a parent can give a child is the gift of accepting that child's uniqueness." ~Mister Rogers

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Anonymous said...

As an Aussie Im just discovering Mister Rogers thanks to you, And I think I love him

Rhonda B said...

He will always be amazing :) I grew up watching Mr Rogers' Neighborhood, and was lucky enough to have him be the keynote speaker at my college graduation as well.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

So simple. So true. But so hard. Being a parent is hard. Thanks for the beautiful reminders.

alison said...

I needed this reminder after a very challenging day with my 4 yr old. Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

this not only applies to our children and spouses but also to any person place or thing into which we invest our hearts and souls...at whatever level! it is how we handle our own responses and observe our reactions that determines our growth and instills and inspires growth and love in those around us. not always easy or possible, but never too late...!